Zak/Zackie – oh book
June 10, 2019


Stegi – Onassis Foundation

Book by Alexandros Katsis and Maria Louka

Other texts Nikos Kostopoulos and Yannis Karpouzis

Photo of the event by Agelos Barai

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The book “Zak / Zackie Oh” started out in 2016 as a textual and photographic project by journalist Maria Louka and photographer Alexandros Katsis narrating the life experiences of Zak Kostopoulos, a young LGBTQI+ activist. A series of meetings, discussions and interviews with Zak, and their combined creative ferment, led to the creation of a patchwork of words, thoughts and images. With its uncut scenes of everyday passion and struggle, ruminations on existence, love and major social issues, glitter, humor, disappointments, emotions, hashtags, and spontaneous outbursts of speech, the book feels more like the private diary of person whose unpretentious and deeply political voice exerts huge charm. Its pages document Zak’s everyday experiences, from the introversion of his private life to the captivating extroversion of his alter ego, drag queen Zackie Oh. And Zak’s story also captures a community’s ongoing struggle for equality and respect.