The Life of Oswald

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from the book, “Northern Lights are Borders”

New Planodion poetry magazine

Materialized Time Is Coming to an End

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from the book, “Northern Lights are Borders”

Hartis Magazine


Vernaculars Are Pictures of Happiness

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A photo-memorial Project by Aliki Koumparou.

Pictures and text in Aldebaran.Photo


Zak/Zackie – oh book

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Stegi – Onassis Foundation

Book by Alexandros Katsis and Maria Louka

Other texts Nikos Kostopoulos and Yannis Karpouzis

Photo of the event by Agelos Barai

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The book “Zak / Zackie Oh” started out in 2016 as a textual and photographic project by journalist Maria Louka and photographer Alexandros Katsis narrating the life experiences of Zak Kostopoulos, a young LGBTQI+ activist. A series of meetings, discussions and interviews with Zak, and their combined creative ferment, led to the creation of a patchwork of words, thoughts and images. With its uncut scenes of everyday passion and struggle, ruminations on existence, love and major social issues, glitter, humor, disappointments, emotions, hashtags, and spontaneous outbursts of speech, the book feels more like the private diary of person whose unpretentious and deeply political voice exerts huge charm. Its pages document Zak’s everyday experiences, from the introversion of his private life to the captivating extroversion of his alter ego, drag queen Zackie Oh. And Zak’s story also captures a community’s ongoing struggle for equality and respect.

Imperia Obscura

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MoMUS Thessaloniki

New Greek Photographers 2010-2018 collective exhibition

Electricity is flow. And flow is information, transition, bombardment. In fact, we speak about a procedure of transmission of data. In his theoretical approaches, Georg Simmel is observing the metropolitan areas, because of the huge informational flow, as “areas under attack”.

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Interview with Dimitris Tsoublekas

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In Aldebaran photo hub.

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The Empty Square of Chris Marker

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Architecture School of Athens

MSc course “Imaginairy Museum”

Kithera Photo Series

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Photos by Dimitris Chatzimarinakis

Text and Curating by Yannis Karpouzis


Memories of someone I found

Bunker: Weight of Ice

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Published Poems

From the collection of writings “Northern Lights are Borders”

FRMK no. 12-13

Literature Magazine


The Splitting of the Chrysalis and the Slow Unfolding of Wings

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Critical review on

Yorgos Yatromanolakis’ new Photo – book

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From the project statement by Yorgos

The Splitting of the Chrysalis & the Slow Unfolding of the Wings” arose from my unforeseen return to my homeland and my residence there for four years. Isolated in the countryside of the island, Ι was constantly confronted with my traumatic past, my memories and myself. Gradually, through wandering in nature, a conceivable field of action was created within me, an intermediate space full of transformative dynamics, a place of becoming.


Parallel Crisis

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Dummy Book Exhibition

Aarhus Dummy Award Week

In 2018, Photobook Week Aarhus held their first Photobook Dummy Award. This is an international competition for the best unpublished photobook mockups of the year. An eminent jury from all over the world selected the best 18 dummies initially exhibited at Aarhus Photobook Week, and further international venues.

Interview with Panos Kokinias

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Along Ilias Liatsopoulos

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Interview with Klavdij Sluban

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Winner of the Niépce Prize (2000) and of the Leica Prize (2004), Klavdij Sluban is a French photographer of Slovenian origin based in Paris. Now aged 42, he continues the development of his rigorous and coherent body of work. Sluban learnt the subtleties of black & white printing under the guidance of Georges Fèvre. Although he held a Masters’ degree in Anglo-American literature, little by little, he gave up teaching to commit wholly to photography. Never inspired by immediate and sensational current affairs, Sluban’s numerous photography trips are permeated with literary references ­ for example, Beckett, Milton. The Black Sea, the Caribbean, the Balkans, and Russia can be read as many successive steps of an in-depth study of a patient proximity to the encountered real.


“Leaves of October”

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Photographic Project.

Online Publication

Phases Magazine

Once upon a time there was the Polis. People were gathering in the “Boulevards” to socialize, flirt, discuss and even, when needed, break the boulevards down. The main topic of discussions have always been the same: the state of the world and what are the means to change it. Unfortunately, between the Symplegades of NATO’s imperialism and Soviet Union’s hatred against the revolutionary constitution of “October”, the visions of western avant-garde were finally crashed.

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Parallel Crisis

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Video Projections


Caixa Forum Barcellona

Video Projections (2 Channels) of Parallel Crisis

Director of the show: Marc Caellas

Which Europe?

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Collective Online Exhibition

(Valentina Abenavoli, Sebastián Bruno, Federico Clavarino, Yannis Karpouzis, Luke Richards, Karim El Maktafi, Charlotte Schmitz, Fábio Cunha)

PH Museum

Parallel Crisis



The Observatory

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Installation – Exhibition

Athens Photo Festival

Collective artwork-installation

(Yorgos Karailias, Yannis Karpouzis, Yorgos Prinos, Pavlos Fysakis)

The “Observatory” is a construction within a construction, a mechanism that bridges proximity with distance, a switch between passive and active control, an attempt to defamiliarize the bearer of representation in order to regain its content, an experience of reflected gaze, an experiment of reverse reconstitution of the photographic act. 

Interview by Eleni Pagalia

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Towards a Genealogy of Photography Critics

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Critical Theory Article

Fotografos Magazine

Article about the genealogy of photography aesthetics

Interview by Theodore Stigas

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Talking to Thodoris Stigas online

Critical Archives III: Identities

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MedPhoto Festival 2018

“Critical Archives III: Identities”, the main exhibition of MedPhoto Festival 2017-2018, will take place at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete, from December, 20th until March, 20th. MedPhoto Festival hosts a mosaic of photographic projects from or about Europe that depict the old and the new face of people in Europe and capture European societies in this procedure of transformation. CRITICAL ARCHIVES III: IDENTITIES:  Julian Baron, Άνια Βουλούδη, Lewis Bush, Turi Calafato, Federico Clavarino, Giovanna Del Sarto,  Γεράσιμος Δομένικος, Πέτρος Ευσταθιάδης, Çağdaş Erdoğan, Θάλεια Γαλανοπούλου, George Georgiou, Robin Hammond, Nick Hannes, Jovana Hasimi, Alessandro Imbriaco, Γιάννης Καρπούζης, Δημήτρης Κοιλαλούς, Χαράλαμπος Κυδονάκης,  Γιώργος Μάκκας, Νίκος Μάρκου, Μαρί Μασουρίδου, Davide Monteleone, Στεφανία Ορφανίδου, Mark Power, Νίκος Πηλός, Georges Salameh, Jerome Sessini, Κοσμάς Σταθόπουλος, Daphne Tolis




Television Interview in ERT3

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Antonis’ Voice

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Curatorship and text for Christos Kapatos’ project Antonis’ Voice

The Fossil Forest

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Online Publication

 “The Fossil Forest”

Phases Magazine

Discussion with Yorgos Karailias, Dimitris Kechris, Eleni Paggalia

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“To Periodiko” mag

Grossraum 21C Exhibition


Parallel Crisis

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Parallel Crisis Exhibition

Athens Photo Festival

Blue Magazine (Aegean Airlines)

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Featured Picture of Parallel Crisis Exhibition in Athens Photo Festival

Agit Prop 2017

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Athens Municipality EAT – ESA Building

Collective Project

Yorgos Karailias, Yannis Karpouzis, Dimiris Kechris, Ilias Liatsopoulos, Andreas Pliatsikas, Kosmas Stathopoulos, Pavlos Fysakis




Parallel Crisis Dummy

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Unsencored books Curated by Natasha Christia

The Revolution of October and the Representative Arts

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Presentation – Talk

Participation on talk for FYSAEI KONTRA of Agia Paraskevi

Town Hall of Agia Paraskevi


Art Journal fall 2016 (USA)

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“no water”

Athens, Greece, 2015: Twenty-four hours with nothing to eat or drink, only smelling the jasmine.
Video for Penelope Vlasopoulou

Collective Exhibition: Europe

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Photo Beijin

Parallel Crisis

Land Ends

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Critical Analysis on Land Ends

Book of Pavlos Fysakis

Article in Aldebaran Photo Hub

Exhibition: Imperia Obscura

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Athens Photo Festival

Young Greek Photographers

Young Greek Photographers is platform, initiated in 1987 by the Hellenic Centre for Photography, seeking to promote Greek or Greece-based photography talents to be exhibited and introduced to a wide audience and network of professionals. Every year the Hellenic Centre for Photography announces an open call that is exclusively dedicated towards the photographic work of young artists up to the age of 35.

What if there is a museum without walls

image project

Video – Installation

Palio Eleourgio – Elefsis

The imaginary museum exhibition organized by NTUA and Elefsis municipality




Luma Dummy Book Award

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Rencontres D’Arles

Book Award exhibition: Parallel Crisis


Solo Exhibition: Parallel Crisis

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Alcobentas Art Center

Yannis Karpouzis, winner of the Discoveries PHE 15 Award, here has a solo exhibi­tion of his series “The Parallel Crisis”. In this work, he draws out a comparison between the “dead time” of the financial crisis and the “frozen time” that photography produces


Resistance hero Manolis Glezos still fighting for Greece at 93

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Assignment for FT

Financial Times: The one-time oldest member of the European Parliament explains why the struggle for Greek autonomy is not over.
Article by Hannah Roberts

The Equilibrists

image project

Benaki Museum,

Deste Foundation,

New Museum – New York

Installation (Parallel Crisis)

More about Group exhibition

“The Equilibrists” is a project organized by the New Museum, New York and the DESTE Foundation in collaboration with the Benaki Museum, Athens, on the occasion of DESTE’s 33rd anniversary.
This project continues the DESTE Foundation’s history of supporting talented emerging Greek artists. On the occasion of its anniversary, rather than focusing on its past, the Foundation is looking forward with a focus on the future of young art in Greece.

“The Equilibrists” brings together work by a new generation of young Greek and Cypriot artists working in Athens and abroad. The artists were selected by the New Museum curators, Gary Carrion-Murayari and Helga Christoffersen, drawing on their own research and the recommendations of a team of more than 20 advisors made up of curators, artists, and writers in Greece, and following trips to Athens, Thessaloniki, Cyprus, London, and Berlin.

Med Photo 1

image project

Alien-Territory collective exhibition

Curated by Yorgos Prinos

Medphoto, the inaugural Mediterranean Photography Festival, will be taking place in the Summer of 2016 in Rethymno, on the island of Crete, Greece. Medphoto extends an invitation to the global photographic community to participate in this dynamic artistic project, designed to be an annual lens-based arts celebration. By bringing together multiple cultural partners across Europe and the Mediterranean region, we hope to foster and sustain a vivid community of artists and to promote meaningful social dialogue.


George Awde, Konstantinos Doumpenidis, Antonis Damolis, Petros Efstathiadis, Giorgos Gavrilakis, Olga Gortsa, Yorgos Karailias, Giannis Karpouzis, Marily Konstantinopoulou, Charalampos Kydonakis, Randa Mirza, Marita Pappa, Georges Salameh, Orestis Seferoglou, Kosmas Stathopoulos, Eliza Tamo, Vaggelis Tatsis, Serkan Taycan, Antonis Theodoridis, Marinos Tsagkarakis, Nikolas Ventourakis


Parallel Crisis presentation

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The Airport

image project

Greek Architects Magazine

Presentation of Imperium Obscura project

PhotoEspana 2015

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Descubrimientos Award

Parallel Crisis – Critical Analysis

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Article on Parallel Crisis by Dimitris Kechris

“To Periodiko” Magazine

Article about Parallel Crisis

Article in Xataka Photo by Adrian Morillo

Lens Culture – Juror’s Pic

12 views of Greece today (12 photographers)

Photoroom Interview

image project

The Parallel Crises of Time in Photography and Times of Economic Turmoil

El Pais Newswpaper

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Atget: A Photographer That Had to Be Invented

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Critical Paper on Eugene Atget

Eugene Atget through Structural Theory