Stories of the Darkroom


Stories of the darkroom

This collective project is an installation built during summer of 2018 by Yannis Karpouzis and his students in the Municipality of Koridallos. A darkroom that had been out of use for ten years got restored on February of 2018 and started operating for the next six months. Finally, in the end of the course, the space was transformed into a “museum’s room”, a darkroom representing a darkroom and the procedure-experience of film developing.

Technical support – advise

Vaggelis Tatsis

Installation Views

Yannis Koukis

Στοιχεία Συμμετεχόντων

  1. Miltiadis Arsenikos
  2. Aliki Koumparou
  3. Kostis Kritikos
  4. Stelios Papiemidoglou
  5. Eleni Maglara
  6. Yannis Koukis
  7. Bibi Kapitsinou
  8. Helen Alexopoulou
  9. Symela Fotiadou
  10. Antonis Prevenas
  11. Alexandra Karagianni
  12. Katerina Maili
  13. Maria-eleni Georgiou
  14. Mary Timologou


Thanks to

Municipality of Korydallos

Georgia Damopoulou