Leaves of October

Photography Series

For our children and our children’s children to have to say that there were once people,

who never gave up on their comrades and didn’t abandon their friends.

Nikolai Gogol



Once upon a time, there was the Polis. People were gathering in the “Boulevards” to socialize, flirt, discuss and even, when needed, break the boulevards down. The main topic of discussions have always been the same: the state of the world and what are the means to change it. Unfortunately, between the Symplegades of NATO’s imperialism and Soviet Union’s hatred against the revolutionary constitution of the October Revolution, the visions of western avant-garde were finally crashed.
But how did we reach this point after the ─ historically ─ huge 21st century? How do we connect with our past? How is history manifesting inside today’s conservative European societies?
Along with the Polis, another old giant is wandering unpurposely and heavily traumatized: Semiology. The collapse of the cold war Symplegades brought along the collapse of Meaning. This is translated into Neo-fascism, alt-right, surveillance states, dept crisis, concentration camps, wars, political repression, conspiracy theories. Are these monsters new or the “good old ones”, disguised under the hood of Deconstruction?
In this political desert, there are spectres not yet dead. Demands of equality, freedom and solidarity are still haunting Europe. It can’t be otherwise. Each October the leaves are down. But the most important thing when ill is to never lose heart.


[in progress]