Athena, Reykjavik

Performance and photographic Installation

During March 2021 and the harsh Covid pandemics quarantine, the police violence in Athens – which had skyrocketed after the election of the Conservative party – reached a frightening level. Many riots, activisms and actions were called against this reality.

Some of these protests were summoned by Greeks living abroad. One of these actions took the form of a performance in the northern capital of Reykjavik – along with three other artists (Masaya, John, Lisa). The performance and demonstration took place to the Northest Greek statue in the world, a statue of goddess Athena, ancient goddess of wisdom who also gave the name to the city of Athens.

A photographic work – installation was afterwards constructed and has been shown is the Sim Gallery in Reykjavik during April 2021.

Today the work hangs on the walls of the Icelandic Artists Association building in Korpulfsstadir.