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Exhibition " Which Europe? "

Caixa Forum Barcellona

Video Projections (2 Chanels) of Parallel Crisis


TV show about MedPhoto

Blue Magazine (Aegean Airlines)

Parallel Crisis Exhibition in Athens Photo Festival

Athens Photo Festival

Parallel Crisis Exhibition

To Periodiko magzine

Grossraum Exhibition (interview)

Phases Magazine

Osterport Hotel

Art Journal fall 2016 (USA)

"no water", Athens, Greece, 2015: Twenty-four hours with nothing to eat or drink, only smelling the jasmine.
Video for Penelope Vlasopoulou

Financial Times (assignment)

Resistance hero Manolis Glezos still fighting for Greece at 93.
The one-time oldest member of the European Parliament explains why the struggle for Greek autonomy is not over.
Article by Hannah Roberts

PHotoEspana 2016

Yannis Karpouzis, winner of the Discoveries PHE 15 Award, here has a solo exhibi­tion of his series “The Parallel Crisis”. In this work, he draws out a comparison between the “dead time” of the financial crisis and the “frozen time” that photography produces.

Fotografia Magazine

The Parallel Crises of Time in Photography and Times of Economic Turmoil

Lens Culture

12 views of Greece today (12 photographers)

Athens Photo Festival 2016

Young Greek Photographers
Impirium Obcura Project

PHotoEspagna Festival

Interview after intenational prize Descoubrmientos2015

La Republica

La modernidad sólida
Article on Parallel Crisis by Alexandron Veiga

Xataka Photo

Article in spanish Xataka Photo by Adrian Morillo

To Periodiko

Greek article on Parallel Crisis by Dimitris Kechris


Over the last six years a destructive financial crisis has struck Greece, dismantling an already wrecked social balance and driving the population into a state of collective depression. A condition of stagnation is ruling the capital city of Athens.

Xataka photo

Interview to Mirada Gemala

Lens Culture

Parallel Crisis: editor's pick

Greek Architects Magazine

Presentation of Imperium Obscura project

The Huffington Post

Article on Parallel Crisis:
Each animal is defined by a blow

El hilo rojo

Presentation by Carmen Dalmau

Night Stalkers (a Depression Era workshop)

Presentation of Imperium Obscura project


Anouncement of Descubrimientos prize 2015 (USA)


Presentation and interview

L'oeil de la photographie

Presentation of Parallel Crisis


Anouncement of Descubrimientos prize 2015 (France)

Mud Magazine (Chille)

Presentation in Chille

Emaho Magazine

Powerful color series that portrays the socio-economic transformation experienced by his native Greece in recent years. The disturbing winner work explores photography and the Greek crisis as factors that stop time and life , in this case , of Athens and its citizens.

Jaques a l'art

Anouncement of Descubrimientos prize 2015 (France)


Anouncement of Descubrimientos prize 2015 (Catalania)



Noordelicht Photo Festival

Early works presentation:
Athens, a system on turmoil

Yannis Karpouzis

Yannis Karpouzis is a Greek emerging photographer and fillmmaker based in Athens.
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