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Perhaps a testimony of someone's life
yannis karpouzis
Dec 24, 2016
New photo-project. 
Lialectics and confirmations on the Medioum and the Journal.

the one who tells the truth, lives in a fairytale, smooth
the one who tells the lies, blood will fill his eyes
—a common saying in Greece

In the past, there were days when people could not approach the life they were dreaming of. At this time, days like these seem to be coming fast upon us.I started taking pictures with the illusion that I would capture and preserve the moments forever, that I would manage to entrap something from the lake of time. Nothing, I thought, could alienate these moments as they turned into photographs. I thought they would remain the same forever.However, as people change, all things change. I was growing and I slowly discovered that my photographs hadn't achieved their goal to hold, to fix the moments. Pictures from my life were turning into a heavy burden—instead of depicting the immobilized past, they constantly reminded me that time is always moving. Project "perhaps a testimony of someone's life" is a diary project, a journal of my life. Through the constant change of "form" and "medium" in the selected pictures, a certain non-stop turbulence takes action in the area of "meaning," a turbulence that accompanies the subject, (the photographer), during his constant aging and moments of strife.

Yannis Karpouzis

Yannis Karpouzis is a Greek emerging photographer and fillmmaker based in Athens.
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